Rules for Exhibitors

1. Entry forms must reach the Show Secretary by 10 pm., Thursday prior to the show, except for classes 21 to 25 which must be received by 10 pm on the Thursday prior to judging. Additional entry forms may be sent on plain paper. A separate sheet must be used for each exhibitor.
2. Exhibits must be staged between 7.45am and 9.45 am on the day of the show. Exhibit cards will be supplied by the Show Secretary and must be placed in front of the exhibits. Exhibitors must leave the tent by 9.45 am. and no person may be in the tent while judging is in progress, unless an official.
3. When exhibits have been staged, they may be moved only by a Steward. After judging they must not be altered or taken away before 4.30 pm. After 4.30 pm., exhibits and cards may be removed. Green cards are required for collection of prize monies.
4. Not According to Schedule: Any exhibit which, when judged, does not conform to the wording of the Schedule, may be disqualified and the entry card marked N.A.S.
5. No exhibitor may make more than one entry in each class.
6. Exhibits, except plants, will not be included in the judging if they have been exhibited in a previous L&DCGS Show. All handicraft entries (Sections F and H) should have been completed within the last year.
7. Gardens of exhibitors in the Horticultural Classes shall be open for inspection by the judges at a prearranged time. Gardens entered in Classes 21 to 25 will be judged any time in the four weeks preceding the Show. (See also page 21.)
8. The judges may withhold any prize should they consider that there is no exhibit of sufficient merit.
9. Any protest or objection must be made in writing and handed to the Show Secretary before 3.00 pm. on the day of the Show. The Committee shall consider any infringement of the Rules whether brought to its attention by a protest or not. The Committee’s decision on any point shall be final.
10. All exhibits must be the property/work of the exhibitor. Plants must have been in exhibitor’s possession for minimum of three months. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.

11. Decisions made by the judges shall be final.
12. Whilst every reasonable care will be taken of exhibits, the Society shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits or any other property in the Show Tent.
13. All classes are open to anyone (within stated limitations) except classes 21 to 25 where gardens/borders/allotments must be within a 4 mile radius of Leigh Church.
14. Sweet Peas and Rose Classes – support of bloom is allowed.
15. a) Class 75 – Collection of Vegetables must be shown on a tray or cloth not exceeding 750 mm square.
b) No plates to exceed 300 mm in diameter.
c) No plant pot to exceed 200 mm in diameter except where specified.
d) Pot Plant – for show purposes, a plant grown in a pot for decorative effect of its foliage, flower or fruit.
e) A vase is a vessel for displaying cut flowers in water and having a greater height than width measurement at its mouth.
f) A bowl is a vessel for displaying cut flowers in water having a greater diameter at its mouth than its height.
16. Jars or tops, with trade name of preserve suppliers, should have the name covered. It is permissible to have dots, marks and numbers, which are found on lower sides or base of jars. Date of making to be on label (eg. dd/mm/yy).
17. Unless otherwise stated in this Schedule, judging of the formal Horticultural Classes will be guided by the rules and standards contained in the Royal Horticultural Show Handbook, 2016, available from the Show Secretary. Numbers of vegetables and fruit as listed on page 34 and 35.
18. The Cups & Trophies remain the property of the Society and must be returned in a clean condition by the Saturday prior to the next Show, unless otherwise requested by the Committee. Prize monies not collected will be held by the Hon. Treasurer for one month and then will be treated as a contribution to funds at the Committee’s discretion.