Junior Classes

Andrews Cup Handwriting Jessup Cup Won on Points
Chudley Cup Merit in classes Napier Cup Painting or
using plants drawing
No Entry Fees
Please specify age on exhibit
Whilst we understand adults’ enthusiasm to encourage entrants, please remember that the entry should be mostly the work of the named entrant! Crafts made by children at school may be entered in the show.
Sponsored by: Hardings Coaches
N.B Paper size A4 is 210mm x 297mm, A5 is 148mm x 210mm

CLASSES FOR 4 YEARS AND UNDER (on day of show)
130 Paint or colour the Sailing Boat” in the Schedule (Page 20)
131 Animal made from your favourite Vegetable(s)
132 Jar or saucer of treasures found in the garden (vegetable or mineral)
133 A painting or collage of a flower – beads etc allowed. Max A4

CLASSES FOR 5 – 7 YEARS (on day of show)
136 A painting or drawing of a “Sailing Boat” in any media – max A4
137 A collage of a flower – beads etc allowed – Max A4
138 Specimen of handwriting – max size one side A5
139 A garden in a seed tray

CLASSES FOR 8 – 11 YEARS (on day of show)
140 A painting/drawing of a “Sailing Boat” in any media – max A4
141 A jar of grasses and leaves – name as many as you can
142 Specimen of handwriting – max size one side A5
143 A garden in a seed tray

CLASSES FOR 12 – 16 YEARS (on day of show)
144 A painting/drawing of ”The Hobbit” – max A4
145 A decorated flower pot 13cms/ 5 inches
146 Specimen of handwriting – max one side A5
147 Design a sports t-shirt on paper – Max A4

CLASSES FOR ALL UNDER 17 (on day of show)
148 Make a mini pizza – max diameter 15cm and displayed on a plate
149 Vase of garden flowers in red, white and blue – foliage allowed
150 Your favourite Photograph – taken by the exhibitor
151 Model made from household packaging – max 500mm X 500mm
152 Design a cover for your tablet or mobile phone on paper – max A5

For classes 148 to 152 please indicate degree of parental support. When safety is a priority, we expect appropriate adult support but the creative part should be entirely the child’s work.

If you are unsure of anything to do with staging of your exhibit, please ask either a Steward or Show Secretary.

Please remember to remove exhibits between 4.30 and 5.00 pm. Otherwise, exhibits may be damaged or lost.

Please ensure entry forms are received by 10 pm the Thursday before the Show.