Hints for Exhibitors

FLORAL: Definitions:
CULTIVAR: a word used to define garden plant varieties, eg. one rose from another.
KIND: a word used to define one plant type from another.
FRUIT and VEGETABLES – the following points are usually considered:
CONDITION: which means cleanliness, freshness, tenderness and freedom from coarseness and blemishes.
SIZE: anything so overgrown as to be coarse is faulty, similarly anything too small to be useful. Fruit and vegetables to be for kitchen use.
UNIFORMITY: size, shape or form, and colour.
BEET, CARROTS, TURNIPS, PARSNIPS, POTATOES: smooth, clean, well coloured, even-sized roots/tubers free from side roots and blemishes. Do not scrub.
ONIONS AND SHALLOTS: bulbs of good, even size, thin-necked, firm and clean but not over-peeled or polished, free from blemishes.
LEEKS: stems thick, even, firm, well blanched, with clean spotless skins and no tendency to bulbing.
PEAS AND BROAD BEANS: pods of good size, even, green, fresh and well filled with tender seeds, stalks left on.
BEANS: (French or runner) straight, fresh, plump, brittle pods with little outward sign of seeds, stalks left on.
CABBAGES: medium sized, well shaped, fresh tender hearts with the few surrounding leaves perfect; free from pest damage; 50 mm stem or with clean roots.
CAULIFLOWERS: heads of medium size with even-shaped, close, solid white curds, free from stain or frothiness; 50 mm stem or with clean roots.
LETTUCES: firm, tender, well balanced, unbroken hearts, with crisp outer leaves of good colour; no signs of bolting; 50 mm stem or with clean roots.
CUCUMBERS & COURGETTES: fresh, young, green, tender, straight fruits of uniform thickness, with short necks and noses and with flowers still adhering.
TOMATOES: fruits of good, even, medium size, ripe but firm, richly coloured, glossy, with calyces attached.
VEGETABLE MARROWS: fruits of medium size, well matched, well shaped, of any colour, tender.
FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS GUIDE: plant material should be 1.5 times the height of the container. (This guide will not apply to classes 82 & 84).
HOME PRODUCE LEMON CURD: small quantities (up to 250 g) preferred, cellophane cover, no solid lid.
JAMS etc.: jars should be well filled. See also rule 16.
DRESSMAKING, KNITTING & CROCHET: all items should be new.