Adult Classes

Juniors may enter adult classes but an entry fee will apply
Leigh Challenge Cup Won on points
Stumblehole Cup Class 1  Little Flanchford Cup Class 2  Mundell Trophy Class 4

Sponsored by: The Plough Inn
1. Sweet Peas – one vase, six stems, own foliage
2. Roses – one vase, three large flowered (HT) blooms, three distinct cultivars
3. Rose – one for scent (First prize only)
4. Roses – one vase, cluster (floribunda), three sprays
5. Cut flowers – two kinds shown separately in vases – three stems each
6. Ferns one – vase – five stems
7. Any annual – one vase, one kind – three stems
8. Collection of four kinds of garden flowers in a vase, three stems of each
9. Any one kind of flower – three stems in one vase
10. Flowers – six blooms floating in water, dish diameter max 300 mm (one or more  varieties)
11. Flowering shrub (ex roses) in a vase, three stems or branches
12. Clematis – three blooms with own foliage arranged for effect
13. A single flowering stem from your garden

Denegate Cup Class 21 Gadbrook Cup Class 23
Mundell Salver Class 22 Oram Shield Class 25

Sponsored by: Colin Dawson

(Please note rule 13)
21. An Established Informal Border – eg herbaceous/shrubs etc
22. Garden Area Grown for your own Enjoyment
23. Hanging or wall basket
24. Planted tub or container
25. Unusual planted container

Exhibits entered into classes 23, 24, & 25 may not be entered into any other classes

Fullerton Cup Most Meritorious Exhibit
Sponsored by: Dave Ford Tree Care
Exhibits must have been in the Exhibitor’s possession for a minimum of 3 months – MAX POT size 200mm)

29. Plant in a Tea Cup30. Orchid – any type – 1 plant
31. Foliage plant – 1 plant
32. African Violet – 1 plant
33. Pelargonium – to include geranium type – 1 plant
34. Fuchsia plant
35. Pot plant – any flowering type not in above classes
36. Any other plant – max pot size 350 mm
37. Cactus/Succulent
38. Coleus plant
39. Hanging or wall basket
40. Planted tub or container
41. Unusual planted container

Ruston Challenge Cup Won on Points
S W Brooker Cup Most Meritorious Exhibit
Jim Martin Memorial Trophy Class 75
Sponsored by: Sweet Briar
Please state variety of fruit or vegetable (if known)
50 Beans 6 Runner
51 Beans 6 Broad
52 Beetroots 3 globe or cylindrical
53 Carrots 3
54 Courgettes 3 between 100 – 150 mm, with flowers
55 Cucumber 1 with flower
56 Herbs 4 named kinds shown separately in jars / vases
57 Lettuces 2 heads – cabbage or cos
58 Onions 5 bulbs of equal size each staged on rings
59 Peas 6 pods shown on a plate
60 Peppers – hot 3
61 Potatoes 5 white on a plate
62 Potatoes 5 any colour other than white shown on a plate
63 Radishes 6 bulbs shown on a plate 64 Shallots 6 bulbs of equal size shown on a plate
65 Tomatoes, medium 4, 60 – 80 mm approx, shown on a plate
66 Tomatoes, small or cherry 6 not to exceed 35 mm, shown on a plate
67 Any other Veg. Quantity as appropriate for exhibit (Page 33/5)
68 Collection of Veg. 3 kinds, 2 of each, shown on a plate
69 Raspberries 12 shown on a plate
70 Rhubarb 3 stalks – natural not forced
71 Any other fruit Guide for quantities, (see page 35)
72 Collection of Fruit 3 kinds shown on separate plates (see page 35)
73 Fun Class Any odd shaped or peculiar vegetable or fruit
75 Collection of Veg 5 Varieties (see page 33 [Rule 15a] & page 35)
Prize Money 1st – £10: 2nd – £5: 3rd – £3

Mary Browne Shield Won on Points
Drew Cup Most Meritorious Exhibit

Sponsored by: Wax and Tan – Leigh

150 years since the laying of the foundation
Title card and accessories are allowed – max width 600 mm

Foliage exhibit – Accessories allowed, max width 400 mm

83  BARKING MAD No accessories allowed. Max width 600mm.

Petite arrangement to be in a container and viewable from all angles, no accessories, max diameter 75 mm

The Committee were most disappointed that no entries were received in the FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS in 2016. Please have a go – they are a focal point in the Marquee and much admired especially by those with little or no artistic talent and imagination.
Display does not have to fill the full space allowed..

In your own interest please read the rules carefully
and please study the conditions for each class.
They will be strictly enforced.

Charrington Cup Won on Merit
LDCGS Challenge Cup Merit, Classes 93 to 99
Rhona Leese Cup Merit, Classes 100 & 101
Wood Challenge Cup Merit, Classes 102 to 103
Sponsored by: Knights Haberdashery

90 Black and white sketch or drawing on paper
91 Painting, water colour – “anything goes!”
92 Painting “A bridge in Surrey” any medium – named (Not Flanchford)
93 Colour Photograph – “My Garden”
94 Photograph – “My pet”
95 Photograph – The New Flanchford Bridge
96 Photograph – “Going to Pot”
97 Photographic study of a specimen flower
98 Photograph of “Cobwebs”
99 Photograph of a garden friend or foe
100 An article of hand knitwear or crochet
101 A stuffed toy
102 Specimen of needlework/patchwork/quilting or embroidery
103 A bag made in any medium
104 An article of woodwork/metal work or pottery
NB. Please state size of exhibit for classes 90/91/92/103/104
as requested on entry form. If there is not enough space on
entry form, please use separate sheet.
All handicraft entries should have been completed in the last year.
Photography is judged on content, not size (max 300 x 200 mm).
All photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor

Betty Lucas Cup Won on Points
Bowerman Cup Class 123
Sponsored by: Leigh W.I.

110 Jar of Honey
111 Jar of Strawberry Jam
112 Jar of Jam, any other fruit
113 Jar of Fruit Jelly
114 Jar of Marmalade, any fruit
115 Jar of Chutney
116 3 Chocolate Brownies displayed on a plate
117 Gluten free Cake, state receipe
118 Victoria Sponge: (3 eggs with their weight in sugar, butter or margarine and SR flour with 100gm jam filling. No decoration except light sprinkling of caster sugar.
119 Fruit Cake: (230 g SR flour, 2 large eggs, 150 g sugar, 230 g mixed dried fruit [no glace cherries], 150 g butter or margarine, pinch salt, 100 ml approx of milk).
NB cakes in classes 118/119 will be weighed
120 Cake to include a vegetable or fruit (please specify) no decoration
121 Lemon Drizzle Cake
122 5 Flapjacks
123 Loaf of Bread (oven baked)
124 4 pieces of Honey shortbread – state recipe
125 Cake – (men only) to include a veg or fruit (specify) no decoration
126 Homemade Alcoholic Beverage
127 A bottle of home made Cordial
128 Four eggs (any domestic bird) displayed in a box or basket
NB. In the interest of hygiene, please leave all exhibits covered;
Judge will remove covers.
We advise against converting recipe to approx. equivalents in ounces.