Could there be a mole in the village?


Did you know?

A mole likes to live alone…

Their diet is mostly earthworms and need to eat the equivalent of its own bodyweight everyday – that’s a huge amount of earthworms!

They breed mostly between March & May and can have between 1 & 2 litters a year with 3 – 4 kittens in each litter…

They are not blind… although they do have poor eyesight…

They have an area of bare pink skin on the snout covered in tiny pimples that help detect movement when they are underground and the scents of prey and other moles.

The American mole is much larger than those found in the UK

Ireland doesn’t have any moles!

Chris Stewart delivered a brilliant presentation on all you ever wanted to know about moles to the Leigh & District Cottage Garden Society members and guests on Monday evening (19th February) at Leigh Village Hall.

Chris gave an entertaining talk on the history of mole trapping, the life of a mole and took great delight in explaining the different traps used in managing moles in a humane and compliant way.

A huge thanks to Lesley Eley who provided everyone with a delicious spread of food, including cake in the style of mole hills and moles.